The Pip and Ebby App - Your Virtual Kitchen Assistant!

The Pip and Ebby cooking app IS HERE! Download it today!

I could not possibly be more excited to share this app with all of you. I have partnered with the incredibly talented team over at SideChef to create a Pip and Ebby cooking app, which is now available on itunes and Google Play! I am absolutely in love with this app and I know you will be, too. The best part? Aside from the fact that it is just plain amazing? It's FREE!

Once you have downloaded the app (because why wouldn't you?!), you will have both visual and audio step-by-step instructions walking and talking you through each of the 100+ recipes (additional recipes will be added constantly). You will no longer have to scroll or wait or decipher/print instructions. All you will need to do is select the recipe you want to make, tap on "Start Cooking" and my voice will guide you through the entire process. It'll be like I'm there in the kitchen, cooking right along with you!


Have fun and enjoy!