Let this Veggie Takeover Bundle Into Your Kitchen!

There are more than 15 bundles of popular, tasty and easy dishes that you’ve come to expect from Pip and Ebby available through the SideChef Plus App! We’ll tell you why this app can be so helpful to you week in and week out with access to step-by-step videos on how to prepare a meal, how to meal plan and how to always have food on hand!

Let the greens and purples and all the other colors of the rainbow within veggies take over your kitchen! Use our list of delicious recipes available on the SideChef Plus VEGGIE TAKEOVER pack; from Sauteed Zucchini Noodles to Roasted Butternut Squash with Apples to Cauliflower Mushroom Rice and more! Like the Cookie Monster bundle, you’ll have access to a large group of segmented recipes, all available quickly with a push of your finger on your phone. Twenty-nine well rounded recipes, giving you access to variety and good healthy recipes will make this bundles worth the purchasing. Find a favorite to make again then try a new recipe and find a new healthy dish to enjoy!

Those of you who previously used the Pip and Ebby cooking app will get immediate access to this and all other existing bundles. New users will need to purchase each bundle for just $0.99. In addition to the bundle of recipes, you will also receive:

  • A meal planning calendar that helps you get organized for the week or month ahead.

  • Shopping lists that are auto-populated based on your selected recipes and organized by aisle in the grocery store.

  • Grocery delivery with a tap of the screen, fulfilled by Amazon Fresh.