Valentine's Day Snack Mix {VIDEO}

The sweet-salty combination in this festive Valentine's Day snack mix is so yummy and addicting! Great treat for Valentine-themed parties!


I love Valentine's Day. It's the one day every year when we have an excuse to be sappy. Dan and I have a yearly V-Day tradition that revolves around food instead of gifts, although he is always good about getting me a little something. I'm already salivating over crab legs and steak. Mmmm. Surf and turf isn't necessarily what people associate Valentine's Day with, though. It's so much better known for sugar. Glorious, delicious sugar!

I made this snack mix to munch on last weekend and I have had to hide the bowl from my snacking six-year-old a handful of times because he is literally unable to stop eating it once he starts. The sugar-salt combo is so addicting and yummy. This would be a great addition to a Valentine's party!

I'll wait till Valentine's Day to be sappy. For now, thanks for being here and have a great week!

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