The Perfect Baked Potato Recipe

Introducing the most Perfect Baked Potato Recipe that can easily be baked in your oven with no fuss! There's a yummy, simple, secret ingredient that makes these baked potatoes even more perfect.


One of the things I love most about my mom's cooking is that she throws one secret, super-yummy ingredient into everything she makes. Her secret ingredients aren't always obvious, but they always make the recipe extra delicious. The secret ingredient in her Meatloaf is Ritz crackers and in her Chicken Rice Bake it is a packet of dry onion soup mix. Even her Perfect Baked Potatoes hold a little secret, even as simple as Baked Potatoes are. Can you guess what it is?


The secret is coating the potatoes with seasoning salt after rubbing oil over them. Seasoning salt! So simple, yet so deliciously brilliant (and I always use Lawry's). These baked potatoes come out of the oven perfectly every single time. They are great eaten solo or with a variety of toppings. Turn them into Twice-Baked Potatoes or pour Chili over the open tops!

Enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend!