The Best Chili Recipe

This chili recipe truly is the best you’ll find. It is packed with flavor, texture and color. It's a chili contest winner and crowd pleaser. Make it for your next gathering, large or small, and you will get rave reviews. Add jalapenos for extra spice or go mild!


Somebody told me recently that they had searched for a chili recipe on my website and couldn't find one. Whoa...whaaaat?! I cannot believe I haven't shared this chili recipe until now. It's a tragic oversight and I hope you will find it in your chili-loving heart to forgive me. Dan and I have been making this recipe for years and recently tweaked it, pushing it over the edge into the realm of super-greatness. I love this recipe. And guess what? It's another snowy, cold day in which eating a heaping bowl of comfort is just what I need.

What makes the best chili?

The best chili recipes absolutely must include the following: beans, meat (lots of it!), tomato sauce/juice and a bit of spice (I love adding jalapenos, but it’s not for everyone). Also, cook chili on low heat for as long as possible for the best outcome.

What beans are best in chili?

I love using pinto and kidney beans because they are hearty and sturdy. Occasionally I will get crazy and add black beans.

Do you drain canned beans for chili?

I always drain my beans to avoid adding extra salt and starch and I think the liquid gives it a different flavor. However, you are not going to seriously damage the recipe if you add the liquids from the cans. I know people who love it!

Chili Recipe

Now please go make this chili and let me know how much you love it! Serve warm with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream. And a delicious green salad!

If you have leftovers, and it's very possible that you will because this makes a large batch, please check out my Best Ever Chili Dogs recipe, my Chili Mac and Cheese Recipe and my Chili-Topped Baked Potatoes for great ways to re-purpose comfort food! And if you absolutely cannot find a chunk of time to make this delicious recipe, consider trying my Easy 5-Ingredient Chili for a much-condensed version.

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