Grilled Peppers with Mascarpone and Fudge

A delicious appetizers with a chocolatey twist!

I received a box of fudge from Swiss Maid Fudge in the mail a few days ago, and in return I was asked to include fudge in some of my recipes. This is the second of my five fudge recipes, and by far the most unique of the bunch. Dan and I both thought it was a fun little bite. I loved all of the different flavors bouncing off my tastebuds. 

Start out by lighting a grill and setting it to medium heat.

Remove the stem and innards from the pepper and discard the seeds. Cut the pepper into 8 equal strips and pat the insides dry with a paper towel.

Using a butter knife, spread a thin layer of mascarpone cheese onto the inner sides of the pepper slices.

Top that with a layer of softened milk chocolate fudge.

From there, you can get creative. I threw some finely diced red onion and thinly sliced fresh basil leaves over top. Kinda crazy! But when you are cooking with fudge, crazy is allowed!

Place the pepper boats on the grill and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the cheese and fudge begin to melt. Remove from the heat and serve immediately.


Creamy Cheese-Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Creamy Cheese-Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Since the moment I opened my F&W cookbook, this very recipe has been screaming to me. The weather is finally gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, here in good ol' Minnesota (and yes, the pile of snow still stands, but it is slowly shrinking), so grilling season is in full swing! There is nothing better than coming home from work on a beautiful day and opening our doors..

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