Creamy Cheese-Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Creamy Cheese-Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Since the moment I opened my F&W cookbook, this very recipe has been screaming to me. The weather is finally gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, here in good ol' Minnesota (and yes, the pile of snow still stands, but it is slowly shrinking), so grilling season is in full swing! There is nothing better than coming home from work on a beautiful day and opening our doors..

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Bacon & Pepper Infused Vodka Recipe

Bacon makes everything better, even vodka. Add to it a spicy jalapeno for kicks and it’s delicious revelry! If you love food and drinks that makes your mouth burn and my nose run, like me, this is a perfect vodka recipe for you. The spicier, the better! Perfect for a blood mary or a soda.

 I love heat. All forms of it. I love sweating profusely as I lie on the beach and I love wrapping a warm blanket around myself while I lounge on the couch (neither happens often enough). My love for heat applies to food, as well. I love food that makes my mouth burn and my nose run. The spicier, the better!

When I read about the new trend involving infusing vodka with flavor, my first thought was that I wanted to try adding heat as my "flavor." I researched vodka infusion and found that creating spicy vodka is not uncommon! So, thinking in terms of a good spicy base for a bloody mary, I purchased three of the hottest peppers available at the grocery store and I kindly asked my husband to fry me up some bacon (for some reason, this is always a task he does).


Deliciously hot, you’ll love to sweat through a drink with this combination!


In a large jar, add:

  • Two slices of peppered bacon, cooked

  • 1 serrano pepper, halved

  • 1 green chile pepper, halved

  • 1 habanero pepper, halved

I poured vodka over the bacon and peppers until the jar was almost full (somewhere around 32 oz. of vodka). I used a middle shelf vodka. There's no need to go top shelf, but I tend to stay away from the bottom shelf, as well.

And then I screwed the lid on tight and put the jar in my garage, where it is dark and cool. And dirty. But nevermind the dirty part.


  • Store the vodka concoction as it absorbs the peppery, meaty flavors for up to 48 hours. If you love spice like I do, 48 hours is the perfect amount of time for the infusion. If you like just a little bit of spice, cut that time back to 24 hours.

  • Once you are ready to enjoy the flavors of your vodka, place a coffee filter over a hand strainer and pour the vodka through into a glass jar. It’s ready to serve!

At the end of the 48 hours, my concoction SMELLED hot, so I was afraid to taste it. I took a tiny little sip and it was most definitely hot, but also full of flavor! For me, this will always be an addition to Bloody Marys. I don't plan to drink it alone or mix it with anything else. It is, through and through, a Bloody-Mary-Only Vodka.


Don’t let this list limit you, the sky’s the limit! Grab a wooden skewer and line one or more up with some of the following:

  • Olives, Stuffed Olives

  • Celery, Cucumber Spears, Pickle Spears

  • Beef Sticks

  • Pickle spears, Pickled Onions, Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Green Beans

  • Mozzarella Balls and/or Blue Cheese Cubes