Slow Cooker Hot Corn Dip

This Hot Corn Dip is ADDICTING! Serve it with chips or crackers as an appetizer or solo as a creamy side dish. Either way, it'll be the most popular dish at the table.

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My heart is being pulled in a million edible directions right now. I've spent the past two days in my kitchen with apples. Apple Cider and Apple Pie are literally oozing out of my fridge and my house smells like heaven. I am itching to make a new Pasta Sauce and Lasagna recipe next week. And I can't dismiss pumpkin and Halloween recipes this time of year. Fall is prime cooking and baking season and I caaaan't get enough.

I made this Hot Corn Dip last weekend when we had some favorite friends over for dinner. I knew our picky boys wouldn't touch it but that the adults would love it (umm, it is TO DIE FOR). What made me kick my sneakers off my toes was seeing our friends' KIDS devour this dip. They couldn't get enough! Success!


This delish dish serves a dual purpose. It is the perfect hot-dip appetizer when served with chips and it also works great as a creamy side dish eaten with a fork. Either way, YUM! Great any time of year and for any type of gathering.


Have I told you lately that I'm thankful that you're here? I am! Thank you for reading. You are the best! YES, you!


Enjoy this delicious little recipe! Check out a few other delicious side dishes here!