Rock and Roll Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Transform rock and roll into a spunky, zingy, beautiful grilled cheese sandwich!

Rock and Roll Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese sums up my week quite well, so I present to you my new favorite sandwich creation: The Rock and Roll Grilled Cheese! OHMYGOSH it is so over-the-top delicious I could barely contain myself while inhaling it. The spicy slaw and gooey cheese and double meat create such a delectable combination of flavors. I consider myself to be a grilled cheese connoisseur, so the fact that this ranks in my top 3 speaks many delicious volumes.

In case you're wondering, a few of my other grilled cheese favorites include: Raspberry Nutella Grilled Cheese, Provolone and Veggie Basil Grilled Cheese and Zingy Berry Basil Grilled Cheese.

I love the endless possibilities that grilled cheese sandwiches bring. What is your favorite cheesy creation?

Have a GREAT weekend, my friends! Thank you so much for peeking in!

Rock and Roll Grilled Cheese Sandwich