Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic Recipe

Roasted Tomatoes require only 3 ingredients! The end result is flavorful, succulent tomatoes that go great in soup, pasta sauce and so much more!


My kitchen has hosted a variety of my favorite food aromas in the past month. Chili Baked Potatoes, Chili, Apple Pie and Lasagna, to name a few. I hadn't roasted a batch of tomatoes in a while and I'd forgotten how good they smell, especially when garlic joins the party.

Roasted Tomatoes are an EASY way to greatly enhance the flavor of the already delicious tomato veggie-fruit (which do you call it?). Roasted Tomatoes taste great in Tomato Soup (recipe coming soon!), Pasta Sauce, pizza sauce or even just in salads or served as a side dish.


I am freakishly excited to share my new Roasted Tomato Soup recipe with you. Next week! It is SO. GOOD. Like, call-your-best-friend-and-rave good. I'm in love.


Ok friends, I'm solo with my little boys and dog/cat this weekend, so I have three hours to get stuff done! Adios. Thanks for being here.