Ramen with Chicken and Veggies

This Ramen with Chicken and Veggies is a super tasty, healthy meal on a tight budget! It might be easy to make, but it's not lacking in flavor. Perfect for dinner or lunch!


THANK YOU to those of you who filled out my New Year's survey (there's still time if you want a chance at a $25 Amazon gift card)! A majority of you requested more easy, healthy recipes to start the year, so I'm here to deliver!

I think fondly of college every time I eat Ramen noodles. I must have feasted on them hundreds of times in that four-year span. You'd think I would have reached my quota, but I can still eat my share. Lately I have been into repurposing the tasty little noodles and tossing the sodium-laden seasoning packets into the garbage. The noodles are versatile! And delicious! And affordable, hence my deep love for them in my early twenties.


The combination of veggies in this recipe worked so perfectly together. Dan and I love adding spice to our meals, so the touch of cayenne pepper sent it into a delicious YUM zone. After a few bites it was hard to believe this was such a cheap and easy meal.


What are some of your favorite Ramen creations? Here's another Ramen-themed favorite of mine: Chicken Veggie Ramen Bowl! Have a great rest of your week!