How to Easily Remove Seeds from a Pomegranate {VIDEO}

Do not let the delicious pomegranate intimidate you! It is way easier than it looks to remove its seeds and you will be soooo happy once you do. DELICIOUS! Eat as a snack or add to a salad!


Woooo-weeee! It is prime season for the delicious pomegranate! Seeing them stacked a mile high in the produce section makes me giddy. I couldn't resist grabbing a few of them out of the bin last week. I didn't have a recipe plan, but that's the good thing about pomegranates. You don't need a plan! Although there are plenty of recipes they can be included in, they are also great as a snack. A super yummy and healthy snack!

Pomegranates are a lot like artichokes in the sense that they can be intimidating, am I right? They have such a hard, thick skin and those succulent little red seeds are buried deep inside. The tastiest foods require a bit of work for a reason! Don't let this fruit intimidate you. Removing the seeds is easy peasy! Cut the fruit in half and loosen the pulp from the seeds with your hands. Turn the fruit over and hit the outer rind with a heavy wooden spoon over a large bowl. A good portion of the seeds will fall right into the bowl. Break the remainder of the rind and pulp apart with your hands and pluck out the remaining seeds. Within a minute or two, your bowl will be filled with hundreds of delicious and nutrient-dense pomegranate seeds!

Pomegranate seeds contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants. Stars of the show include vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and potassium. The juice in the seeds is thought to fight against certain types of cancer and also increase brain function.


Pick up a few the next time they greet you in the store. Cut 'em open and enjoy!