Pip and Ebby Cooking App - Ask Me Anything!

Wow, thank you for all of the great comments and questions! The answers are at the bottom of this post, along with the names of the THREE LUCKY WINNERS!

The FREE Pip and Ebby cooking app is here and hopefully it's in your hands! If not, then it should be!

I thought it would be fun to tell you a bit about my experience with the app so far and give YOU a chance to ask questions! I'll select THREE lucky commenters who will each receive a copy of Cookie Remix, as well as a $20 Amazon gift card! To be eligible to win, leave a comment on this post asking me ANYTHING about the app! Do you have a question about its features or how it works? Maybe you have a question about what will be on the app in the coming months? Maybe you're wondering if that is really my voice hidden inside your phone? Or maybe there are specific recipe suggestions you have for the app? Anything that comes to mind.. ask away!

Here are a few app fun facts!

- Side Chef is the force that brought this app to life and they know how to put together a killer cooking app. Their team is dedicated, friendly, skilled and just plain awesome. When they launched their own app a handful of years ago, I vividly remember having the thought that they were going to be wildly successful.

- My 11-year-old son Elijah's voice talks you through a handful of recipes on the app. It is the cutest thing EVER to hear him telling you how to turn tiny twist pretzels into reindeer cookie antlers. He is excited to record more audio in the weeks to come!

- I have researched cooking apps since starting this whole process and there really truly is nothing else like this out there. Side Chef's cooking apps soar above and beyond what is currently out there.

- I am super pumped to start adding more content to the app! I have a few healthy salads in mind, as well as some beautiful cakes.

Ok, now your turn! Ask away! Giveaway winners will be selected Monday, April 9th and at that time I'll also answer a handful of your questions!

Here are answers to the questions YOU all asked!

Janet B asked, "Will you have it for tablet (Kindle, Nook, etc) at some point?" Unfortunatly, no. :(

Kristy asked, "Will we be alerted on new recipes added?" Within the app, you will see the word NEW in the upper left corner of all newly-added recipes.

Angie requested: "Please add some gluten free items." I'm on it! Coming soon!

MaryB asked, "I’m interested in how the create a new cookbook part works. I am assuming it is where I can save recipes from the app that I love. Will there be a place there where I can add my own notes?" Think of the cookbook feature as your way to create your own categories. For example, if you find a handful of recipes you think would be good for entertaining, place them in a cookbook titled "Entertaining" for quick access later! As far as adding your own notes, that is not available at this time, but you can leave comments on each recipe!

Tricia asked, "Just wondering if you will be offering the calories and nutritional information for us weight watchers!" Not at this time, but I'll pass this request along!

Lisa asked, "I'm wondering if there's anywhere in your app that you'll be listing nutritional value?" Not right now, but it has been requested a lot already so I will pass this on to Side Chef!

Beth W asked, "How long did it take you to create the app from start to finish?" Side Chef had already worked their developer magic before I came into the scene, but once I began giving them my content it was about 8 weeks.

Jessica asked, "What was your inspiration for creating this app? Will you have calories listed?" I LOVED the idea of an interactive kitchen experience, which is why I fell in love with the concept of this app. Calories are not currently listed, but I'll pass this request onto Side Chef!

Annie asked, "Do you love to find great recipes?" Of course! :)

Bianca asked, "what are the filters to sort recipes?? do you filter by things like dairy-free or vegan?" There are a couple ways to filter through the recipes. You can narrow down your search by filtering through Popular Ingredients (such as chicken, rice, beans, etc) or Dish Type (Baked Goods, Brunch, Sides, etc). We don't currently have filters for dairy-free or vegan, but it's definitely a possibility in the near future.

Dita asked, "My question is how do you select which recipes make it to your site? Do you create them? Find them? Do you have specific criteria?" The recipes that make it onto my website come directly from my own cravings, ha! I try to stay seasonal and I try to come up with recipes that are unlike anything that are currently on my site. I want to give you options! My recipes either come straight from my head or they are inspired by something I saw in a magazine or cookbook.

Linda asked, "Will you be adding new recipes daily?" Not daily, but regularly!

Chad asked, "is there a way to meal plan with the app? Is there a way to create a grocery list? Ok, three questions--what about push notifications so I know when you post new recipes?" There aren't meal planning features yet (this request has been sent to Side Chef)! Grocery lists can be made when you click on the "Email Ingredients" button within each recipe. And push notifications for new recipes will happen!

Diane asked, "Is there any way to print the recipes from the app, or can that only be done on your website?" Currently you can only print ingredients. You can always take a screenshot or head over to my website.

Pam asked (Facebook), "How do you plan your week’s dinners? Do you precook or prep?" Every week is different. Some weeks I scrape by and make dinner last-minute, but other weeks I prep (typically on Sundays) for the week and that typically involves cooking a lot of meat and veggies.

Paula asked (Facebook), "How does one go about creating an app?" You need to find an awesome app developer and have tons of great content!

Rachel asked (Facebook), "What is your favorite dish with jalapeños?" These Jalapeno Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts are one of my all-time faves!

Nikki asked (Facebook), "Is it easy walk through with pics?" The app is extremely easy to walk through and has photos that will guide you every step of the way!


AND THE WINNERS ARE (randomly chosen).... Janet, Dita and Chad! Congratulations! Contact me with a mailing address if I don't hunt you down first. :)