Philadelphia Sushi Roll Bowl {VIDEO}

Transform a Philadelphia Sushi Roll into a healthy lunch bowl! Eat as a solo lunch, healthy snack/side or serve to sushi-loving crowd!

Philadelphia Sushi Roll Bowl

Sushi rolls are so diverse, each one offering taste buds a unique flavor experience. This was my first attempt at turning a sushi roll into a "bowl" (aka, salad) and I had such a hard time deciding what the inaugural Sushi Roll Bowl should be. I had salmon in the fridge and avocados on my counter, so that helped my decision. And the Philadelphia Sushi Roll Bowl was a good decision! This bowl or salad or lunch bowl or whatever you want to call it was sooo yummy.

Philadelphia Sushi Roll Bowl

Something I did not include in the photos but added later was soy sauce! I drizzled a bit of it over the top just before devouring and it kinda sent the whole deal out of this world. Dare I say, this is better than an actual Philadelphia Sushi Roll?

A couple notes about the recipe:

- You'll want to prepare this just before serving so the salmon stays fresh, the rice doesn't get sticky and the avocados don't brown.

- Soy sauce is a strong flavor, so serve it on the side and let people add it on their own.

- Softening the cream cheese in the micro is recommended. It'll need to be on the warm side in order to avoid having a lumpy dressing. If there are lumps, do not fret! Whisk the dressing vigorously and microwave in 15-second intervals, if needed.

Philadelphia Sushi Roll Bowl

Which sushi roll should be next on the roll-to-bowl list? Give me some ideas!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, friends! Thank you for being here!

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Philadelphia Sushi Roll Bowl