Pear and Honey Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Pears and honey make such a delicious duo in this grilled cheese sandwich.


What is it about the month of May? It's always such a crazy time, packed with totally fun and good things. Between getting our pool open for the season (this is such a major pain) and going to track and field days and squeezing in school field trips and wrapping up the school year and preparing for a cute seven-year-old's birthday party and getting read for a vacation...whew! Cue spinning exorcist head!

I find comfort in food when things get nutty. One of my go-to comfort foods is a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. This version with pears and honey is SO GOOD. Add it to your comfort food list pronto!

A few other grilled cheese faves: Turkey Veggie Grilled Cheese with Sprouts, Zingy Berry Basil Turkey Grilled Cheese and Raspberry Nutella Grilled Cheese.