October 2018: Quarterly Update and Goals

Hello! We are well into fall and enjoying all kinds of delicious fall foods here on Pip and Ebby. This is my favorite time of year because there are so many different types of food to make, eat and share. Whether you are landing on Pip and Ebby for the first time or you’ve been here for years, I’m so happy to have you here. THANK YOU for being here. Now, don’t go anywhere because there are so many more delicious fall and winter recipes coming up and you are not going to want to miss out.



Last quarter, our most popular posts were (in this order):
Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie
Crockpot Mac and Cheese
Caprese Pasta Salad
Pickle Rollups
Loaded Veggie Salad with Chickpeas and Black Beans
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Sauteed Cabbage

We continue to add new recipes every month to the Pip and Ebby cooking app. People are LOVING this app. Some favorite features include the built-in timers, instructional videos, adjustable serving sizes and having audio that talks you through each recipe. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you absolutely have to do so! I mean, it is FREE, after all.

Video: This summer we hired a videographer to help create and edit recipe videos here at Pip and Ebby. Morgan is amazingly talented and I’ve been loving seeing the creations she comes up with. I also recently started a Kids in the Kitchen video series that star my silly, funny boys and they cover kitchen tips as well as easy recipes. These videos are geared toward children who want to get their feet wet in the kitchen.

The Pip and Ebby Baking Group on Facebook is going great, but we are always looking for more people to participate in the monthly challenges. Prizes are always up for grabs, so don’t miss out!

Cooking tips: We’ve started incorporating some kitchen tips into videos (e.g., how to make simple syrup and how to cut a butternut squash) and we’ll continue this. We’ve also started a Cooking Tips Facebook Group that you should check out! We fill it with valuable kitchen tips and welcome sharing!

Events: We have been intentional about attending events and conferences that allow us to connect with other bloggers, app users, cookbook lovers and blog readers. This summer we had a booth at the Minneapolis Pinners Conference and last month I attended a blogging conference in Salt Lake City that was PHENOMENAL.


Here's an update on some previous goals, with a few extra thrown in for this quarter:

  • Connecting with readers has been a top priority all year and we have come a long way with this goal. It has been fun connecting with people on Instagram and Facebook and getting to know other bloggers at conferences and through social media. I’ve also started putting my face in front of the camera more and plan to continue that.

  • Video: Creating videos is a top priority for us in the coming months. Our readers find value in recipe videos, so be ready for a tidal wave of new video content to come your way!

  • Instant Pot: My InstaPot has been collecting dust in my pantry for a year. I’ve barely used it at all and plan to remedy that. Be ready for it to make an appearance more often this winter!

  • Events: We plan to continue attending conferences and other events that allow us to connect with people and that also help us to continue to learn and grow!

As always, I am always open to feedback from YOU, my awesome readers. If there is something specific you want to see more of, please please please share! Thank you so much for being here and I’m super excited to share some seriously comforting and delicious recipes coming up.

With Love,