Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

These Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are a dream come true! They're even better than full-size chocolate chip cookies because you can pop these morsels of sweet, chocolatey yumminess into your mouth like they're a snack.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I was a force to be reckoned with in my kitchen today. Flour, dough, frosting and sprinkles were flying around as if there were a war among the sweets. If there is any week of the year to expect a scene like this in my house, this is it. I have a deep hunger for baking and I'm wishing for a thousand extra hours in my week to accomplish all of my sweet desires. A girl can only bake so much, people.

These totally irresistible Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies were part of my weekend crop. This is a fairly new thing that I do but when I find a dessert too tempting (like these), I quickly throw them into the freezer. Consuming frozen food requires thought and time or broken teeth.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love the poppable nature of these scrumptious little bites. They're not full-sized chocolate chip cookies, which means you are allowed to eat more! I find cute, tiny cookies such as these to be the perfect dessert for parties because bites of desserts are preferred over gigantic helpings.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

These little cuties come out soft, with the perfect amount of chewiness around the edges. Once you make these, you'll never go back to full-size! Be sure to keep a close eye while they're baking. You'll want to remove them from the oven when you see the faintest sign of browning around the bottom edges, between 5 and 7 minutes.

Enjoy, friends! Have a wonderful pre-Christmas, crazy-baking (is it just ME?!) week!

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