Cookie in a Mug

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This post was written with the soon-to-be college student in mind, so if you have a child who will be leaving for college soon you absolutely have to get his or her eyes on this recipe! Having a dessert that can be made straight from a dorm room will save money and help to secure a couple dozen friends on Day One.

Before I left for college I really had no idea what was coming. I'm not talking about the math classes that were over my head or the lifelong friends I'd meet. I am talking about the food. When my college friends and I get together (and we still do!), so many of our stories revolve around food. There were the endless grilled cheese sandwiches (made with Texas toast, yum!) and the cheesy personal pizzas and the delicious greasy hash brown-egg breakfasts that we gorged on our freshman year. There was the time I fell so hard in love with Tooty Fruities cereal that I bought the mega-bag to have on hand in my dorm room. My friends gave me a hard time about falling so hard for a cereal, so they dared me to eat the entire bag in one sitting. I totally thought I'd be able to! Three bowls later, I sheepishly gave up. And I never ate another bite of Tooty Fruities again. There were many Ramen noodle packages and boxes of mac and cheese that made their way through my belly. And I'll never forget calling Subway on Sunday afternoons begging them to deliver food straight to our dorm because a sandwich sounded so good.

Food just wasn't something I thought about as I prepared for college. Looking back, I wish I'd been more prepared. I wish I'd learned how to make a few hot meals for myself in my dorm room that didn't involve elbow macaroni. And I'm telling you, if I'd known about the magic that I call Cookie in a Mug I would have made one every single day. It would have saved me a trip to the servery because it would have trumped the ice cream and gummy bears I ate nearly every single night during my entire freshman year.

Be ready for your minds to be blown by this cookie. With just a tiny bit of prep (I'm talking a few minutes) and one minute in the microwave, a freshly baked cookie will be in your hungry little hands!

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If you will be heading to college in the near future, consider yourself warned. Food will be a big part of your experience, but don't be afraid to take control. Learn how to cook easy dishes in your dorm because it is very possible. When your sweet tooth starts screaming, promise me that you will pull out a mug and make this cookie recipe for yourself because it really cannot get any easier. The dry ingredients can all be thrown together in a resealable bag and dumped into the mug after the wet ingredients have been stirred together. Enjoy the cookies and all of the other food that will be coming your way.

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