Make your own Jimmy John's Unwich! {VIDEO}

Make your own Unwich at home, Jimmy John's style! This is such a great way to ditch the carb- and calorie-loaded bread and enjoy a healthy salad in the form of a sandwich.


I recently fell madly in love with Jimmy John's delicious Unwich. I typically don't consume a ton of bread in the summer, so the love happened hard and fast. Using lettuce to hold together sandwich ingredients is pure genius! Last week I had a craving for an Unwich, so I made an impromptu stop at JJ's. I was so excited to eat it, but sorely disappointed when I unveiled the wrapping. Inside of the lettuce was, well, a lot of AIR, and then there were three tiny tomato slices and a sad squirt of mayo sitting atop a pathetic-looking piece or two of turkey.

The food blogger in me said I CAN DO BETTER, so I took action. I stopped at the store and picked up ingredients to make a WAY cheaper, WAY more packed, WAY tastier version of the Unwich. Friends, I introduce you to the Meg-Unwich!

The Montana mountains are calling! Until next time!

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