Pressure Cooker Hard-Boiled Eggs Recipe {VIDEO}

Cooking eggs in a pressure cooker is my new favorite way to make hard-boiled eggs. It is easy and the eggs come out perfectly every single time. You will not believe how easy the shells are to remove.


First of all, my friends, I'm excited to tell you that ONE commenter on this post will be receiving his or her very own pressure cooker on their doorstep (the exact same make/model you see in the pics)! This is NOT a sponsored post. I recently purchased a pressure cooker and I'm in awe of its capabilities and all of the things it can do. I'm here to share the pressure-cooking love! Just a little something from me to you because I love ya.

Ok, I started with EGGS! We love eggs in our house and making hard-boiled eggs is something I do a lot. I will say this. Cooking eggs in a pressure cooker doesn't save a ton of time vs. stovetop cooking. However, they are consistently perfectly cooked every time and you will just about pee your pants when you see how easy it is to peel off the shells.


Please note that even though there is an Egg setting on this particular model I still use the Pressure Cook setting. Why? Because not all models have the Egg setting and I want to be as all-inclusive as possible. If you do have this model, then by all means play with all of the settings! Experimenting is fun!

I have loved every egg that I cooked on Low pressure for 12-13 minutes. They come out perfectly every single time and the shell peeling is an absolute breeze.

Here are some amazing recipes that call for hard-boiled eggs! Buddha Bowls and Green Beans with Tomatoes, Olives and Eggs.


Here's what you'll need to do if you'd like one of these pressure cookers sitting in your very own kitchen! Leave a comment on this post explaining why you think you should be the winner. Did you have a tough winter? Did you have a dream last night about pressure cooking enchiladas? Be creative! I'll select my favorite comment/winner on Friday, May 12th! Please oh please leave an email address so I can contact you. Good luck!