DIY Exfoliating Coffee Scrub Recipe {VIDEO}

Make your own face scrub at home in minutes! This is the perfect any-occasion gift made with coffee and coconut oil. It exfoliates, moisturizes, protects against aging and smells incredible.


I was hoping to get this post up before Christmas, but alas. We had three separate Christmas celebrations at our house and welcomed my dad and stepmom in from out of town all in a three-day span. I'm exhausted, so please pardon the tardiness. I made a few batches of this Face Scrub mere hours before my sisters and their families arrived for Christmas Celebration #3. This is such an easy and appreciated little gift for any occasion! Every woman I've ever given it to LOVES it and even Dan raves about how smooth his skin feels after using it.

Make Your Own Exfoliating Scrub By Watching This Video!

Why do we need to exfoliate our skin?

Our skin sheds the old skin cells naturally, maybe every month or so. Exfoliation is the process of removing the top layer of dead skin to let in new growth. You can do this mechanically or chemically. It’s important to not over-exfoliate so if you keep your skin moisturized as well, you won’t irritate your skin or cause inflammation.

How can I safely exfoliate at home?

In order to exfoliate, you need a tool to remove the skin. In this case, you can use natural foods to help physically remove dead skin cells. This helps to remove dry, flaky patches that aren’t coming off during cleansing. This Coffee Scrub uses coffee and coconut oil to assure that you are clearing your dead skin cells and moisturizing properly. Coconut oil offers antibacterial properties as well.

How do you make a face scrub?

Coconut oil goes from a solid to a liquid when its over 76. So heating up the coconut oil and mixing in the other ingredients - salt, sugar and coffee granules along with some citrus zest and ginger - will make a great combination. Once the ingredients have mixed and cooled back down, the coconut and olive oil will turn back into a good texture for using daily, making a good face scrub.


Always have a jar of this on hand and keep it in your shower. Once daily, scrub about 1 teaspoon onto your face in a circular motion for approximately 60 seconds and rinse off with water. It will exfoliate and moisturize. The coffee contains anti-inflammatory properties and the coconut oil is naturally antibacterial. The citrus zest adds a pleasant aroma and the ginger is known to protect against aging. This stuff is like gold and my face feels amazingly soft when I use it. I love it and I hope you do, as well! Hoard it all for yourself (you'll be tempted), or give away as gifts. I promise you will have many requests for the recipe!

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy this last week of the year!