Sweet Potato Quinoa Buddha Bowl Recipe {VIDEO}

This Healthy Lunch Bowl (aka Buddha Bowl) is PACKED with total goodness! Avocados, quinoa, walnuts, sweet potatoes, spinach, and blueberries!


The amount of food that has been made in my kitchen in the past week is obscene. We're talking: tons of healthy lunches/breakfasts, 62 freezer meals (with the help of some awesome ladies - details to come on this soon!), multiple slow cookers FULL of veggies (leftovers from freezer party), 6 batches of cookies and meals for two picky eaters (like this Goulash). It's either raining or pouring in my kitchen and right now I'm hiking up my pants for the flood. I love it!

This Healthy Lunch Bowl requires a bit of prep (making quinoa and roasting sweet potatoes) but if you go big on the batches, lunches (or dinner) will be easy for days. Prep work up front pays off! And have I mentioned that this is my new favorite lunch? OH-MY-GOSH it is delicious and packed with food that your mind and body will thank you for.


The slow cooker veggies I mentioned earlier will make an appearance soon. Enjoy and have a great week!