Healthy Burgers with Sweet Potato Buns - Whole30 Recipe

These delicious burgers are made healthy by using sweet potatoes instead of buns! They are Whole30 compliant and will satisfy your every dinner-table desire.

Healthy Burgers with Sweet Potato Buns

I've made it to Day 12 of the Whole30 program and I'm still breathing, friends. I still miss my sugar and dream about it every night, but I am loving the foods I am allowed to eat. Who knew it would be so much fun to get creative with meat and veggies?! In between dreams of cake and cookies, I dreamed up these Healthy Burgers with Sweet Potato Buns a few nights ago. I was super happy with how they turned out and DEE-voured two of them in about ten minutes.

Burgers with Sweet Potato Buns

If you have a spare ten minutes, be sure to make a batch of this Whole30 Guacamole to top the burgers with. If you're stretched for time, a few avocado slices will do. Either way, you are going to love this recipe! Whether you're following the Whole30 program or not, it will become a quick favorite because of its ease, deliciousness and healthiness.

Healthy Burgers with Sweet Potato Buns

Before I sign off to eat another one of these for lunch (a bit obsessed this week), I want to mention that I'm doing live videos on Facebook twice/week and I don't want you to miss out! Tune in on Saturdays (1pm/CST) and Wednesdays (3pm/CST) to see some new recipes. This Saturday I'll be showing you a new healthy snack that complies with Whole30 and next Wednesday I'll be making a cookies out of my cookbook. See you then!

Enjoy the yummy burgers and have a great weekend!

Healthy Burgers with Sweet Potato Buns