Fried Egg and Tomato Breakfast Stack with Avocado

Stacking an egg on top of a tomato and avocado slice is one of my favorite ways to enjoy breakfast. It's quick, delicious and bread-free!


If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know how much I love making breakfast on the road. For some reason, it's not nearly as fun at home. This breakfast is one that I've fallen in love with because of its simplicity and lack of bread/carbs, but mostly because it is soooo delicious. I have no idea if the term "breakfast stack" exists, but that's what I call this creation. It is a stack of my most favorite things!

Today marks two weeks of being on the road and I have reached my limit. I miss home and can't wait to be back. Tomorrow we begin our journey back. Yay!

Enjoy the amazingly delicious stack of yumminess and have a great rest of your week. I hope Fourth of July was fun and safe and wonderful for all of you!

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