Finding My Voice


Here we go with an unconventional Pip and Ebby post. This one is totally outside my realm of comfort, but I'm being led to write this, my friends.

This totally beloved blog of mine was out of commission for sixteen hours, starting last night around 8:00. I will not even get into how this happened because it’s dramatic and way out of my control and I’m done stressing about it.

I want to share some things that have led up to this unfortunate incident and the GOOD (yes, there is good!) that I’m taking away from it. I recently started attending an amazing bible study at our amazing church alongside some amazing ladies. This study digs deep and it challenges women to face the devil and all of his deception head on and bearing full armor. I have just started really digging into the guts of the book in the past few days and have had major enlightenment regarding ME. The author of the book challenges us to pinpoint which specific tactics the devil uses on each of us in an attempt to sink us.

The same issue that has caused trouble for me throughout my life is still the culprit for problems I’m dealing with today, which is this: figuring out how to USE MY VOICE. The enemy often talks me into staying quiet. When there is tension in any relationship, I get quiet. When people take advantage of me, I get quiet. Staying quiet has never had a good outcome for me.

So I had the thought, Wow! How crazy is it that my job involves using my voice, almost as if I’ve been led to this place so that I can overcome my unique little bundle-of-joy issue! My family and I have always felt like we have a ton of good things to do for and share with others. In the devil's eyes, using my voice for GOOD and speaking to a platform of people who are willing to listen is very bad news.

Yesterday morning I was lying in bed pondering all of this. I thought about how since I started this website, and even through the process of writing my cookbook last winter, I have always had this feeling deep inside like something is holding me back. Forces out of my control are keeping me from reaching more ears. I have been acutely aware that the enemy has been lingering and that he’s enlisted some help to keep me as quiet as possible. So I started praying HARD yesterday morning, specifically for favor and blessing for my website and for the floodgates to open. I totally just slathered this website in prayer because I know it is going to be an avenue for doing good and sharing good things.

Several hours after praying this prayer I noticed that my website was down. Weird! I wrote it off as a glitch. After investigating, I realized that it was kind of a big deal and that nobody knew how to help fix the problem. I should mention here that “website being down” for nearly a day isn’t a huge deal for some folks, but this website is my livelihood. Not only that, but for a good chunk of the 16 hours I didn’t even know if my files were even recoverable. My website is my job, yes, but it is also SEVEN YEARS of hard work that I have poured endless love and energy into.

So not only is the devil playing on my weakness (trying to keep me quiet), but he also knows the very things I love and he is attacking them.

Around noon today, a friend of Dan’s performed some IT magic and restored my entire website. I will be baking him a few pies and other baked offerings of much gratitude. My web content has been restored, but most importantly I feel more aware and prepared than ever. My armor is on and I am not backing down. Watch out, evil one, the floodgates are opening. I will not stay quiet. This website of mine will reach many people and it will speak life into people. It will be a light for many. It will provide insight, wisdom, encouragement and joy. It will help people simplify and streamline their busy lives. This is the truth I speak and I know I am backed up by a pretty amazing God, Amen!