Easy Baked Churros Recipe

Make Churros the easy way by baking them in the oven! Baked Churros are a great snack or dessert to enjoy on Cinco de Mayo or any time of the year.

Easy Baked Churros

A day late and a dollar short with this one. Actually, that would be two days late, but who's counting? Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, which is always provides a fun reason to eat Mexican food and drink tequila. Mmm, Mexican food and tequila.. On my Facebook baking group, this month's challenge is to make Baked Churros, whether it be this recipe or another you have on hand. If you give Baked Churros a try, please head over to the group and share how they turned out!

Easy Baked Churros

I am always up for transforming fried food into baked food because usually it tastes just as good and it's a way to ditch about nineteen cups of grease. I mean, grease is yummy and all, but it doesn't align with the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Easy Baked Churros

A few notes about Baked Churros:

- Use a heavy-duty or wooden spoon to stir in the flour and eggs. The mixture should be thick and you'll want to stir in the eggs as quickly as possible so they don't turn into scrambled eggs.

- After the flour and eggs are incorporated, the mixture should resemble a thick bowl of mashed potatoes. If it seems too runny, add extra flour.

- After the melted butter has been brushed onto the churros, you can coat them with the sugar-cinnamon mixture by sprinkling generously (and then rolling) or by shaking them together in a ziploc bag.

Easy Baked Churros

These Baked Churros are a great way to avoid frying a delicious snack for your next gathering or just to have in the kitchen. My boys loved these so much that I could not believe how quickly they vanished from my kitchen. I kept asking if maybe the dog ate them?

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Happy Monday!

Easy Baked Churros