Easy 5-Ingredient Chili: How to Spruce Up Canned Chili Recipe

This Easy Chili recipe requires only five ingredients! Transform canned chili into a hearty and comforting meal in just 30 minutes! No one will ever know you cheated!

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Easy 5-Ingredient Chili

It's so hard to write about any chili other than my favorite chili recipe because it really is the best. But I've been pondering lately, because I ponder food a lot, the sad dilemma that involves not having the time to make a full-blown vat of homemade chili. What if someone wishes to enjoy a comforting bowl of chili without the time commitment? Heating up a sad bowl of canned chili in the micro really isn't an option because, well, eww.

I slowly strolled past the canned chili at the grocery store, eyeing it up and down with extreme skepticism and considering whether or not it was worth my time. I grabbed two of the most bland-looking cans I could find, followed by literally FOUR other ingredients and headed home. Thirty minutes later I was enjoying a bowl of chili that no one would have ever known had a lineage rooted in "canned chili with beans." So here's my endorsement, and I don't endorse things unless I really believe in them: This Easy 5-Ingredient Chili is the most delicious EASY chili recipe that you'll find!

Easy 5-Ingredient Chili

If you're preparing chili specifically for a recipe such as Chili Dogs or Chili Mac or Chili-Topped Baked Potatoes then this recipe is a dream come true.

A few things to note about sprucing up canned chili:

- Use ground pork (in place of beef) for added flavor.

- Use canned tomatoes that involve added herbs or flavorings, such as onions and garlic. You can never get enough onion and garlic, people.

- Simmering this chili for more than 20 minutes is definitely doable and might result in an even more flavorful meal.

Easy 5-Ingredient Chili How to Spruce Up Canned Chili

I'm having a hard time squeezing in everything I want to make and post about this month. Stay tuned for a barrage of other goodies. Oh and THANK YOU for being here. I appreciate your eyeballs. Errr, you get what I'm saying.

How to Spruce Up Canned Chili