Easter Candy Fudge

Liven up your Easter snack tray with this festive Easter Candy Fudge! Kids will love it! This is also a great way to use up extra Easter candy after the holiday.


Every day when I wake up I begin scanning our yard for signs of life. Finally in the past few days flowers have begun peeking out of the ground. The grass gets a little bit greener every day. Birds are starting to return to the land of the no-longer frozen. Oh and here's a good one! A pair of ducks thinks our pool is their daily bathing spot (our dog does NOT know what to think of this)! I am finding joy in every little thing that signifies spring, even if it involves possibly having to clean duck excrement (eww).

I always like to be festive around Easter when it comes to treats. I'm a little early with the fudge this year, but I haven't heard any complaints from the peanut gallery. This is also a great way to use up Easter candy after the holiday, when your home is overflowing with chocolate bunnies and pastel-colored candies.

Here's hoping you enjoy this sugary treat and that you, too, are finding joy in the little signs that spring has arrived.

A comment on a past fudge post prompts me to inform you here that this fudge does NOT need to be baked in the oven! :) And if you need another recipe that involves using up extra candy from the holidays, check out these delicious Leftover Candy Refrigerator Bars!