Christmas Tree Brownies Recipe {VIDEO}

These festive Christmas Tree Brownies are great for holiday parties! Transform an easy, simple pan of brownies into an extraordinary dessert.


Such a snowy, cold week it has been here in Minnesota! Our boys are so cutely excited about Christmas. We have about four different Christmas countdowns in our house that are being closely watched. Each morning before school the boys sit next to the wrapped presents under the tree, guessing what might be inside each one. I love the magic this time of year brings.

This week I created a handful of different goodies, which made those cute boy smiles even bigger. "For US, Mom?" One of the perks of having a food blogger mom is having a constant stream of treats sitting in your kitchen. I thought up these adorable brownies a few weeks ago in the wee hours of the morning (when most of my ideas come to me). I was so glad they turned out just as I'd imagined they would, as this is not always the case. They are super cute and tasty and I love that they add a fun element to a simple (and easy) dessert.


Don't waste the excess brownie chunks! Freeze them and add them to a bowl of ice cream or turn them into brownie pops.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you and yours such a happy weekend.

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