DIY: How to Make Easy Christmas Potpourri {VIDEO}

This homemade potpourri will make your home smell like Christmas ALL DAY LONG! Great for parties or just a winter weekend at home.


The snow that fell on us over the weekend seems to have infused our boys with unbridled energy. After school they went straight from the car to the back yard, where they rolled in snow, made snow balls and transported them using a wheelbarrow. Oh the intrigue of freshly-fallen snow. I love this time of year. It's funny how we fall back into winter without skipping a beat. The winter boots go back on our feet and hats and mittens litter our home, but we do it all as if we've been doing it all year long.

Something else that comes along with winter are holiday scents. I made a homemade Fall Potpourri using all of my favorite fall scents, so wanted to create a winter/Christmas version, as well. I made a test batch a few days ago and we happened to have guests in from out of town that evening. One of our guests said, "Your house smells SO GOOD. How do you get it to smell just like Christmas?!" Easy peasy! Put a few simple ingredients into a saucepan or crockpot and your home will slowly begin to smell uhhhhhh-maaaaayzing.


This would be a great thing to prepare for any holiday occasion, even if it's just a weekend day spent with the family and Christmas music. Enjoy the potpourri and the rest of this snowy week!