Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake with Chocolate Ganache {VIDEO}

This decadent Chocolate Espresso Cake defines rich chocolate indulgence! Three layers of espresso-infused chocolate cake are sealed together with creamy Chocolate Ganache Frosting and drizzled with a smooth, drippy ganache for good measure.

Chocolate Espresso Cake with Ganache

A very special niece celebrated her sixteenth birthday recently. I offered to make her a dessert and she requested a Chocolate Espresso Cake. YUM! I was on it like a creamy layer of ganache. Making this cake was so much fun! After I took pictures I went in for a bite, thinking I'd be able to stop after one. Ten seconds later Elijah walked in and said, "MOM! What happened to that piece of cake?!" In my tummy, cute boy. IN. MY. TUMMY.

Chocolate Espresso Cake with Ganache

What is the difference between Ganache and Ganache frosting?

Ganache and Ganache Frosting are made with the same ingredients, but using different ratios of cream to chocolate. Ganache usually refers to a glaze that is drizzled over baked goods and ganache frosting refers to a spreadable frosting or filling for baking goods. Allowing ganache to cool in the fridge will make it thicker (much like the frosting), but it also causes it to lose its “drippy” quality that ganache is known for.

I knew I wanted Chocolate Ganache Frosting to be involved in this cake because it's the world's most delicious chocolate frosting. It was a last-minute call to add another drippier Chocolate Ganache over the top because why not?! Oh my goodness this cake is rich and delectable and totally irresistible.

Chocolate Espresso Cake

This is a fool-proof cake recipe and although it might look's not. It's a show-stopper and it'll wow guests every single time. I hope you enjoy this Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake as much as we all did!

Chocolate Espresso Cake with Ganache

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Have a great week, you guys! ENJOY!

Chocolate Espresso Cake with Chocolate Ganache