Cherry Berry Jam Recipe

Berry jam isn't complete without a few delicious cherries mingled in! No pectin required for this recipe. It is so easy to make you won't even believe it and the jam is IRRESISTIBLE!

Cherry Berry Jam

Two of my sweet, adorable, funny, beautiful nieces and I set aside a day last week to make jam together. I was feeling pretty honored that two teenage girls willingly spent time with me for a few hours. We made 4-5 batches including blueberry, strawberry, mixed berry and this was my favorite from the bunch -- Cherry Berry Jam. This one was actually totally Sammy's idea! He insisted that there be equal parts blueberries and raspberries and a lesser part cherries. My little chef in the making. I love it!


I cannot stop eating this jam. I'm talking AMAAAAZING stuff here, you guys. I see it every time I open the fridge and then consider putting on just about everything. My boys BEG me to let them eat it at nearly every meal. We're all in love.


I reduced the amount of sugar compared to what I normally use in jam and guess what?! The taste didn't suffer! YAY! My new perfect fruit to sugar ratio is 4 cups of fruit to 2 cups of sugar. I don't use pectin anymore because I find that it makes the cooking process finicky. For longer preservation, boil mason jars or pull them straight from a hot dishwasher just before adding the jam. When the lids seal, the jam can be used anytime within the following 6 months.

Enjoy the jam and your weekend!

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spoon of Cherry Berry Jam