My honeys

Now that I've been back in the frigidness of Minnesota for a few days, I'm finding myself peeking through my beach pictures from last weekend with increasing frequency. Warmth, sun, beaches, the ocean, palm trees, NO SNOW!

My present reality? Cold cars, cold toes, cold everything, terrible traffic, snow piled everywhere, boots, layers of clothing, biting winds.

But, these people are in my reality, and that erases (most of) the discomfort. Mmmmm, I missed these boys.

Snow snow snow, we cannot escape the snow

We left 30 inches of snow in Minnesota to come to this.. the south, where we did not expect to see snow. And do you know what everyone is saying? "We haven't seen snow like this since...well, since two years ago! When you were last here, as a matter of fact!" Of course!

But we are cozy inside and enjoying each other.

One thing I have learned is not to get too worked up about things that are completely out of our control. Like the fact that my husband and I are supposed to head to the mountains today for a 3-day childless vacation, but the weather may not allow that to happen.

Like that! Out of our control. Let it go. And let it snow.