Birds Eye Voila! cheesy ranch chicken

This post is part of a Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Birds Eye Voila! I received a coupon for a free package of Birds Eye Voila!, and I decided to purchase the Cheesy Ranch Chicken variety. It sounded fabulous. Cheesy Ranch? Yum! I have made meals similar to these before, so I remembered how easy they were to make. What I did not remember from the others, however, was that they were totally delicious

(For the record, I'm being completely honest here. Nobody is paying me to say any of this.)

I took my first bite and made a noise similar to the moan my 14-month-old son makes when he is eating blueberries. MMmm-hmm-mm-ahh-mmm. This was one tasty meal. I had every intention of taking a picture of it, but it was in my belly too quickly. That is saying a lot when it comes to me photographing food. I do not pass up that opportunity often.

I am always happy to discover quick, easy and delicious meals for those nights when my husband is still at work and I have dinner to make for my two boys and myself. This meal was done in 10 minutes. It left me with extra time for a tickle session and a game of chase through the house. 

I have a stack of buy-one-get-one-free coupons for Family Size packages of Birds Eye Voila! meals to hand out if anyone is interested. Contact me if you are! 

Our KODAK photo book

This post is part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with KODAK Gallery. I was honored to be asked to create a KODAK Photo Book for myself so that I could share the experience with all of you, and also offer a Photo Book discount to anyone who is interested. I'll get to that in a bit.

I was excited to create a Photo Book detailing this past year because it has been a momentus one. Ohhhh this past year. There is no way for me to describe the past 13 months in words. I'll type out a few key phrases that will give you an idea of the ride we have had. Non-sleeping newborn, hard-working and rarely-home husband, starting a food blog, lovely Fall, lots and lots of cooking and food blogging, nasty nasty winter, fun trip to North Carolina to visit my parents, Elijah's seventh heart cath, major work change, lots and lots of cooking and food blogging, Elijah's second bronchoscopy/laryngoscopy, major Mama anxiety, Elijah's third open heart surgery, Sammy's first awesome birthday, the unexpected and debilitating aftermath of Elijah's heart surgery, still lots and lots of cooking and food blogging, and here we are, enjoying our summer as best we can.. 

So that's our past 13 months in a nutshell.

Please click on this link to create a Photo Book detailing your own story! You will receive 40% off a medium hardcover or large Photo Book. Offer available through 8/31/11.