Update on the yard glacier

I have shut down the comments for my $200 giveaway. The monstrosity in my front yard has melted a lot more quickly than I thought it would, but it is still big. Here's a shot of it from this morning, getting a little bit of early morning sun (although it is still frigid outside).

I will keep you posted on its progress! Keep checking back to see if you won the big bucks. 

A simultaneously warm and icy giveaway! This one is BIG!

Hello, friends. It has been a strange week, to say the least. I have been dealing with feelings of really very much disliking a person I have never met for her total selfishness and her blatant disregard for other people and their hard work. The silver lining that has come from this is that I have taken a closer look at myself as a person and blogger. I will always be respectlful of others and provide nothing but honest content on my blog. I probably sound like a broken record, but this ordeal has made me so thankful for the readers I have who recognize hard work! 

As a huge "thank you" for reading, I am hosting THE BIGGEST giveaway I have ever hosted on my blog! One lucky winner will receive a $200 Visa gift card in the mail! (This is NOT sponsored by Visa, btw.) $200?! Yes! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! I know, I'm gettin' crazy! Hurry up and comment before I change my mind.

How do you win this loot, you ask? Well, it's simple. Or maybe not so simple. If you are well-versed in the rate at which icebergs melt, you will do GREAT! Ha!

The below photo is one that I took today, this 27th day of March, 2013, and this is the front yard of my home. 

The person who guesses the date closest to when this yard iceberg will be completely gone (without going past the date) will receive the $200. Your guess must be left as a comment on this post in order to be considered (not on Facebook or via email or anywhere else).

If more than one person guesses the correct (or closest) date, I will put those names in a hat and one of my boys will pick the winner at random with one of their cute little hands.


A few facts that may help your guess:

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The fence in the photo is approximately 3 feet high.

There are a few small bushes underneath the highest part of the ice mountain. 

It has been an unusually frigid winter.

Our home faces north and does not get hardly any sunlight.


GOOD LUCK! And again, thanks for being here. 


Cookbook giveaway!

I am giving away a copy of my ecookbook (25 Delectable Grilled Cheese Sandwiches) to FIVE people! Interested? If so, read on!

Leave a comment on this post telling me anything at all! You can leave your name or just say "hello" or tell me a funny story. Or whatever you want. On Thursday morning (Feb 28th) I will randomly select five of you to receive a copy of my ebook, either as an iBook or a pdf file (unfortunately I cannot get free copies through Amazon Kindle).

In return, I ask that you read my ebook and email me a review about it. Nothing long. Just a few sentences telling me your thoughts. Then tell your friends about it. That's all. Thank you and good luck!

$50 giveaway!

I have not hosted a giveaway since August! What the heck! After ringing in the new year, I had the urge to spruce up my website a bit and give something away to one of you. I have made a few changes to this beloved food blog of mine, and I plan to make more down the road to better please all of you! 

I will send a $50 Visa gift card to a randomly selected commenter. Tell me what you like about this website, or what you think would improve it. All of your input will be greatly appreciated!

For additional giveaway entries, leave separate comments for any or all of the following:





I will randomly select a winner on Friday, January 11th at 9:00 a.m.

Summer-scented candles: a giveaway!

Hello friends! It has been on my heart to be a generous blogger lately, and so I present you with an opportunity to receive some delicious-smelling loot in your mailbox.

Here is what I will send to one lucky winner!

One 22-oz. berry sorbet oval jar candle 

One 22-oz. mango salsa oval jar candle

Read on, there is more!

2 glass cube votive candle holders

2 cafe au lait votive candles

2 mango salsa votive candles

2 basil garden votive candles

2 golden pear votive candles

A better view of the candle holders. They are beautiful!

These scents are totally summery and fresh. You will LOVE them!

Retail value? $76!

To be entered to win, leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite thing about this summer has been so far.

For additional giveaway entries, leave separate comments for any or all of the following:

Follow me on Pinterest.

Follow me on Twitter.

Follow me on Facebook.

Follow my RSS Feed.


I will randomly select a winner on Thursday, July 12th at noon.

Good luck! Thank you for reading!

$100 Giveaway!

I am lucky enough to be married to the wonderful creator of this website (who happens to be totally gorgeous). She is extremely talented and I'm continually impressed with all that she does while taking care of her 3 boys! This website has been another awesome example of all that she can do and I wanted to do something special for her and her readers to celebrate reaching 1000 subscribers.

I thought a $100 Visa gift card would be a good giveaway for such an occasion so for the next few days you can put yourself in the drawing by leaving a comment on this post.

This Friday (the 30th) at 5pm we will take all the entries and randomly select the winner who will receive a $100 Visa gift card.

Good luck! Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting the amazing Pip/Megan/Hottie!


Bloggy Day & another contest!

I don't think either Ebby or I took a single non-food-related photo on our Bloggy Cooking Day this past Saturday. We cooked and baked an insane amount of treats and had more than a dozen women over to help us eat everything. It was a huge success and a ton of fun! We will definitely do another one of these soon (with my gracious husband's permission, of course). And we will get all of our Bloggy Day recipes posted, but it might take us a few weeks. Chantal and Joan, your appetizer recipes turned out amazing!

Now for another contest!

This one will be super easy. Leave a comment on this post, saying anything at all, and we will pick two random commenters as the winners. Please include your blog address if you would like for us to provide a link when we announce the winners.

You can thank my sister because she has kindly offered to take care of the prizes for this contest. She will send each of our two winners her favorite scented 22-oz. jar candle from Colonial Candles. Each candle is a $24.99 value.

The contest starts now and ends at midnight on February 20th. Good luck!

Appetizer recipe contest!

Ebby and I have a Bloggy Day coming up, which means we are going to cook massive amounts of food in one day for the purpose of sharing recipes and photos on this blog. We will be hosting a few ladies at my house later that evening to share our newly-created goodies with them.

We thought it would be fun to create one of YOUR favorite appetizer recipes that day to share with our guests. In fact, why don't we make it TWO of you! We will feature both recipes on our blog and give each winner full credit for the recipe. We will also send each winner one of Ebby's favorite kitchen utensils, a microplane grater!

We are looking for delicious appetizers that will please our guests and that will be a good addition to our blog. Perhaps something unlike anything we currently have here on our blog? Or something we already have, but better? Ebby and I will read through all submissions and choose the two we agree on to be the winners.

Either leave a comment on this post with the full recipe or send it to us in an email.

Contest ends February 5th, 2011, at midnight.

Exciting! We can't wait to read through your recipes!