Festive Candy Corn Cake Recipe

Celebrate fall or Halloween with a festive candy corn-themed cake! The flavor and texture of this cake are amazing and people will swoon when you cut into it.


In my cookie cookbook that is coming out in January (and that you should totally pre-order!) I did some pretty major dissing on cakes. I have always been intimidated by them because of the work required to make them look really good. But guess what lesson I've learned in the past month? It's something I tell my boys all the time: NEVER SAY NEVER. Because every time I say I'll never do something, I end up wanting it...needing it in my life. One month ago and every day of my life leading up to that point, I said I would NEVER bake or decorate cakes. There you go. Words of doom. Now they're are all I can think about.


I have so much to learn, but this totally irresistible candy corn cake was my first attempt at making a pretty cake.


If you still have spare candy corn on hand after making this cake, consider making a batch of Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies or Candy Bar Brownies!

Candy Corn Cake is a great fall-gathering treat. Guests will swoon when you cut into it! Serve it for a Halloween party or any fall gathering! Enjoy!