Butterfinger Bites

Make Butterfinger Candy Bars in your own kitchen! And with only THREE ingredients! These are great for parties of any kind.


I just got home from a whirlwind trip to Chicago. I have the most inspirint, talented friend who lives in the windy city. She drove me around for two straight days and we sampled aaaalllllll kinds of baked goods. Pies, cookies, donuts and even semi-strange Asian baked creations. I got home tonight and my boys talked my EARS off...like, right off my head. But I miss my friend and her sweet little family. I wish they lived next door.


I made these delicious Butterfinger Bites last week. They are ridiculously simple, yet sooo tasty. Every time I describe how they're made, people look at me in disbelief. They really are THAT easy. Three ingredients later and a Butterfinger candy bar is IN YOUR FINGERS!


These bites are great for parties of any kind and in any season! Guests will swoon. Kids will love you. There will never be leftovers.


Thanks for reading, my friends. I hope you enjoy this delicious snack as much as we do!

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