Burgers with Grilled Peaches, Brie and Cherry Jam

Spruce up your burger with a touch of sweetness! Brie cheese, cherry jam, grilled peaches and bacon will transform dinner into a sweet and savory treat!

Burgers with Peaches Brie and Cherry Jam

I dreamed up these yummy burgers while on the road last weekend. We picked up the ingredients and threw them together in the RV at a campground in Madison, Wisconsin. Here are a few notes about this oh-so-delicious burger (because bullet points are my style today):

- Sometimes photo "situations" aren't ideal but I always try.


- This yummy Cherry Gazpacho Salad partially inspired the birth of this burger. I absolutely love the combination of sweet and savory ingredients inside a food that doesn't typically involve both.

- I cannot properly explain how delicious grilled peaches taste along with cherry jam, brie cheese, bacon, red onion and a burger.

- If you have ripe peaches you are looking to use up, here are a few other great options: Peach Frozen Yogurt, Peach Blueberry Crisp and Peach-Topped Blueberry Cheesecake.

- I have another tasty burger that I'm excited to make later this week, this time with all savory ingredients.

- Have a great Tuesday!

Burgers with Peaches Brie and Cherry Jam