Best Ever Sugar Cookies

These Sugar Cookies are super easy to make with only six ingredients and they are perfect for decorating. You'll never need to look for another sugar cookie recipe again!


Christmas is near, Christmas is near! I talk myself into staying sane until Christmas Day every year because once it arrives I can relax, enjoy, disconnect, unwind. On a completely opposing note, the grocery store was frazzling and chaotic this morning. Harried shopping carts were weaving through the aisles, causing my blood pressure to rise. The good news is that we are totally stocked up on food for the next three to five days. Yay!


One of the tasks I've squeezed into the past few weeks is making a few batches of my favorite sugar cookies. We love these cookies. Every batch brings happy squeals because my boys adore cookie-decorating. You should see the sprinkles and frosting flying around this place.


It took me a few years to perfect this recipe, which seems silly because it is so simple. Sometimes I think complicated means better, but that is not always the case. Simple can be so so perfect.


It's not too late to add these to your baking list! You will likely have all of the ingredients on hand, which is good because you do not want to go shopping in Crazyville right now. Trust me.


Have a WONDERFUL few days leading up to Christmas, my friends! Enjoy every moment with your loved ones!

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