Classic Beef Stroganoff Recipe

This Beef Stroganoff is an easy, delicious dinner great for busy weeknights! The homemade creamy sauce and filling beef is super comforting and and soooo tasty. The whole family will love this classic dish!


For the past twenty years, I have not been able to think about or speak of stroganoff without giggling. When my little brother was a toddler, his favorite meal was beef stroganoff. He would sit at the dinner table and say, "FROGA-SNOFF, PWEEEASE!" Frogasnoff. So cute! He was such a cute little boy. I loved him dearly and I still do. My sweet sweet little brother who loves his froga-snoff.

To change the subject a bit, my husband recently shot an unsuspecting deer while sitting in a tree in the cold cold woods of Northern Minnesota. Or maybe it wasn't cold that weekend, but it certainly is now. Cold cold freezing cold Minnesota. Where was I?

Oh, right, the poor dead deer. Well, we have been consuming the meat from said deer in large quantities as of late. Venison is very lean and delicious! Venison burgers are way juicier than I ever expected them to be. As are venison fajitas and venison dipped in pesto and venison and cheddar omelets.

And venison stroganoff! It's just as tasty as the beef version, with much less fat! Whichever type of meat you throw into this recipe, you will LOVE it. This is one of my favorite comfort meals of all time! ENJOY!

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