Antipasto Skewers

Turn Antipasto Salad into a delicious finger food! These Antipasto Skewers are easy to prepare and they're great as an appetizer or party food.

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My boys and I are spending quality time together at home today. It's a bittersweet one. My dad and stepmom have just left after almost a week together. We miss them and we miss the action-packed holiday season we just experienced. On the other hand, we are thinking back on this year and the many many blessings we've received. Thinking ahead, this new year brings many exciting possibilities. I think this time every year is a crossroads for most. Think back, think ahead and appreciate what's sitting in your lap.

After the commotion of the past few weeks, we are all preferring a tame New Year's Eve. Call us lame, but this is pretty much always the case for us. Staying in today and tonight seems wonderful. Maybe Dan and I will stay up till almost midnight? Does that count? One thing I'm looking forward to is nibbling on these delicious Antipasto Skewers. I've been wanting to make these for so long because I LOVE every morsel of food involved. We tested them out yesterday and I could hardly keep my meat, cheese, mushroom and artichoke-loving fingers off them.


The recipe as it's written below makes a lot of food. You'll be able feed 12-15 hungry people, so modify quantities as needed.


Sincerely wishing all of you the happiest fresh new 2017. Thank you for being here! Have a safe and happy last day of the year, friends.

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