6 Instant Pot Desserts You Need to Make

Six enticing recipes that are easy and perfect to prepare for any gathering you want to bring a dessert to share. These are delicious and worth making in your kitchen. You can let your Instant Pot do the heavy lifting by the high pressure creating mouth-watering creamy, rich, dense sweets. Take the challenge today to make these classic recipes again, just with the help of your Instant Pot.

Simple ingredients + 1 amazing pressure cooking kitchen tool = delicious dessert recipes. Guaranteed. Quick and easy is what we're about if it means that it's amazing. Check out below some of our favorites!

Instant Pot Mixed Berry Jam

Taking advantage of all the fresh fruit in the summer gives you lots of amazing recipes to make and enjoy. Whatever your favorite berries are, it’s time to combine them together and make some jam. You can find out how easy it is to make your own, know exactly what’s in the puree and enjoy it on all kinds of baked goods, even licking it right off the spoon! Don’t limit yourself to just one homemade jam and jelly, check these out!

Instant Pot Cherry Dump Cake

This might be the easiest dessert you’ll make and then once you let the Instant Pot do its magic, you’ll dunk your spoon into a super delicious buttery cake loaded with cherries. It doesn’t take long to make this one so you’ll be able to put it together on a moments notice for dinner or for friends. It’s great because you can make it with cherries or any other fruit you love. But if desserts are your thing, make sure to click here for more inspiration!

Instant Pot Cake - Make The Perfect Cake Using A Box Mix!

Don’t ever feel like you aren’t making a quality dessert if you use a box mix. Want to make a chocolate cake but think its boring? The cool thing you'll discover is that making a box mix in your Instant Pot isn't boring or the same ol'. It really delivers a rich, dense cake; fooling everyone into thinking you didn’t use a mix. Throw on some chocolate buttercream or caramel frosting for a finishing touch!

Instant Pot Berry Crisp

Whether it’s apple crisp or berry crisp, you’ll always have people lining up to enjoy your dessert. But making a fruit crisp in the Instant Pot does something amazing to the combination of ingredients - no matter if they are fresh or frozen - and it comes out extra magical. I’ve made the Best Apple Crisp and I’ve enjoyed bites of Rhubarb Crunch but this Berry Crisp is my new favorite! Top it wiht a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert perfection.

Instant Pot Chocolate Pudding

Dive into a spoonful of this creamy, rich pudding and enjoy childhood memories come flooding back. Chocolately goodness with a dollop of homemade whipped cream will be a special treat or just your perfect ending to the day sweetness. This fudgy treat is fun to make!

Instant Pot Cheesecake

No more water baths, just a dense, rich, creamy, smooth cheesecake. Load up your springform pan because there are many combinations of flavors and toppings from peanut butter to pumpkin and chocolate. I believe this is going to take cheesecake making to a new level! If you love your tried and true way, I get it. We love our Mint Chocolate Cheesecake recipe too.


If you have a craving for something sweet that you'd love to see tested and featured on Pip and Ebby made in this amazing electric pressure cooker, send us a message! There's a time and place for your bundt pan. Want rice pudding? Lava cakes? Chocolate chips in the ingredient list? Send us an email! We'd love your ideas and inspiration and begin putting together the best desserts out there for you.


The time leading up to actual cook time may seem long and even confusing (“What is going ON in there?!”), but it’s an important part of the process! The Instant Pot is working on building up the appropriate amount of pressure that it will be cooking the food at. It handles liquids and solids differently and also fresh and frozen differently, so the time can vary. Most recipes take between 10 and 25 minutes to build up pressure. But you are awaiting delicious meals, so it's worth the wait!


Keep your Instant Pot shiny, clean and scent-free by following these simple steps:

  • EXTERIOR - Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down any grease or gunk on the outside of the Instant Pot. Use a brush or the edge of a clean cloth to reach inside the rim to remove food that may have gotten stuck in the grooves. The exterior “housing” should never ever be immersed in liquid or run underwater.

  • INNER POT - The stainless steel inner pot can be hand-washed OR run through a dishwasher. See below tips for deep cleaning when needed.

  • COVER - The inside of the IP cover can usually just be wiped down with a clean cloth after use. If there is food stuck to the inside of the cover, remove the sealing ring and run the cover under hot water and scrub with a brush or cloth.

  • SEALING RING - The sealing ring can be easily removed from the Instant Pot and hand-washed with warm, soapy water OR run through a dishwasher when needed.

  • TRIVET - The trivet that is inserted into the Instant Pot can be scrubbed with a brush, hand-washed with warm, soapy water or run through a dishwasher.

  • DEEP CLEAN - If the inner pot starts to show signs that it needs a deep cleaning (cloudiness or discoloration), pour either 2 cups of white vinegar OR 2 cups of water plus 1 tablespoon of lemon juice into the pot. Place the cover on the pot and set to STEAM for 3 minutes. Let the pressure release naturally and remove the cover. Remove sealing ring and inner pot and allow to air dry.