25 Simple Summer Lunch Recipes To Enjoy

Your weekday lunches and dinners can be simple and delicious! Change up your summer meals with this list of 25 flavorful recipes so you’re not stuck in a rut. Be inspired with this fresh list of lunch ideas from some of our favorite food bloggers. Because you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen, here are easy recipes ready so you can enjoy your summer days!

Homemade Arepas

Arepas are this amazing little food that is prepared in many South American countries and once you enjoy one, you can’t forget how wonderful it is. Three ingredients - that’s all that’s needed to get started here. Arepas come with different ingredients stuffed into them or like Home Grown and Healthy prepared it, like a slider, the totally Americanized version of an amazing Latin America inspired recipe. This cornmeal based recipe will make summer meals inspired for sure!

Chorizo Breakfast Hash

If you have any meat and potato fans in your house, then this recipe will be perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Packed with your delicious chorizo and easy to add favorite fresh veggies that are on hand, everyone will walk away with full bellies. Budget Bytes puts together the steps so you can enjoy this quick meal.

Cheesy Taco Stick

Having a quick, delicious finger food on the menu is essential in the summer. This buttery breadstick boasts hidden flavor inside, helping to get the cheese and taco meat contained until the bite is enjoyed. Head on over to I Wash, You Dry to see how easy it is to put together this lunch or snack in under 15 minutes.


BBQ Chicken Roasted Sweet Potato Bowls

Having a go-to sheet pan meal is important. They are simple, easy and wonderful for mixing up colors and flavors. This recipe is perfect for the summer, using healthy ingredients and BBQ sauce as the perfect sauce to bring the bowl together! You’ll appreciate how The Creative Bite gives you this easy recipe to get in and out of the kitchen with only one pan used and a healthy meal ready to serve.

15 Minute Artichoke Garden Flat Bread Pizza

I love this delicious meal. It’s easy to assemble, quick cook time and beautiful with all its garden veggies. I love the non-tomato base in this recipe, letting the simple olive oil bring out the flavors of the cheeses and veggies. The Mediterranean Dish helps you build this lunch recipe so you can get to enjoying each bite and gives you ideas on how to mix up the flavors for the next time you try it. Perfect fare for when friends stop by for lunch too.

Cumin Spiced Beef Wraps

Mmmm! All kinds of carb free deliciousness wrapped up in a cabbage leaf. Perfect for indulging in for lunch and hoping there are leftovers for dinner. Peace Love and Low Carb knows how yummy cumin is in beef and will help you whip this recipe up that will seem like it took so much more work than it did!

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Avocado, Goat Cheese and Candied Pistachios

Two Peas and Their Pod caught my attention with these beautifully photographed red strawberries. They caught my eye and made me hungry! But then candied pistachios were something I haven’t tried before but I adore pistachios so I knew I needed to check this recipe out! This salad is healthy, vegetarian but oh so yummy! Definitely swing on over to get the recipe!

Easy Turkey and Cheese Crescent Rolls

I could enjoy a few bites of these and call it lunch easily! Three ingredients put together this recipe that you can call lunch, snack, appetizer and best of all, a kid-worthy recipe! Taryn Whiteaker shares her recipe with us. Let simplicity be your summer rule with this recipe on rotation. I’m sure you could sneak in a few veggies into the cheese if you’re hard nosed about it or can’t get your kiddos to eat them.

Avocado Tuna Melt

I always have bread on hand to put together a grilled cheese. Staple ingredients in our home. How about you? Same with tuna. Avocados I grab as often as I can because they are amazing on salads, plain, as guacamole, etc etc. This recipe called to me when I saw those same ingredients used. It’s a comfort food that’s delicious, with an affordable recipe using staples I have in my pantry! Domestic Superhero shares her take on grilled cheese with us, even preparing it without the mayo, so I have to say, yes please!

Fish Taco Bowls

I love fish. But I forget about it and then fall in love all over again. That happened when I saw this recipe and I just knew I wanted this on my table for lunch. The Movement Menu takes gives us all the flavors - spicy and mild, tart and smooth all prepare in a healthy, delicious bowl that will fill us up and we won’t even realize we’ve followed a healthy recipe! This recipe is Whole30 compliant too so that’s fun if you’re following along.

Grilled Veggie and Black Bean Bowls

This recipe reminds me of what I love about Chipotle. A bowl of freshly grilled veggies, lots of protein packed beans and then if you’re a vegetarian, throwing some salsa on top and diving in. You can also toss in some grilled chicken breasts if that’s your style. Sweet Peas and Saffron offers a recipe that you can use to meal prep 4 lunches for your week, making the time in your kitchen slim and more time enjoying sunshine and fun activities you want to do.

Sesame Garlic Ramen Noodles

The Salty Marshmallow shares a recipe hack with us and it’s pretty delicious! She prepares the ramen noodles from the package but has her own special sauce you can whip together in no time and add to the noodles. If you want to throw in some veggies, even better! Head over and check out how to make this simple lunch option!

Apple and Radish Quinoa Salad

I love when ingredients I enjoy are all mixed together in a new combination. That’s what happened in this recipe from Through The Fibro Fog. I love the spiciness of a fresh radish, who doesn’t enjoy the crunch of a sweet apple and all the protein of the quinoa that soaks up what ever flavor is around it. Perfect for a light lunch or a side dish, try this out!

Cheddar Wrapped Taco Rolls

I have never tried using cheese as the wrapper to my taco meat. But I love cheese, and it’s fried, why wouldn’t we enjoy that? Wicked Stuffed breaks down how to make this recipe with taco meat and then you can decide how many is wise to eat. Because I’m leaning towards more is better!


For those days that you need a flavorful, chunky veggie soup with barley to warm you up, this looks like it’ll do the job. I can practically smell it simmering on the stove - delicious! Lazy Cat Kitchen helps you create a nice large pot of filling soup so that you have leftovers and don’t have to make something for tomorrow.

Scrambled Eggs with Lazy Salsa

I love whipping up a couple of eggs. Sometimes its for breakfast, other times for an early dinner. I like them fried but rarely prepare them scrambled. Nothing against scrambled eggs. But when you add a WOW factor of fresh salsa? Yes please!! The Kitchn delivers a mouth watering recipe on a simple ingredient we all have in our refrigerator and uses fresh ingredients to make a simple salsa. I prefer to call it simple vs lazy. :)

Avocado Chicken Salad

A versatile chicken salad that can be made with chicken - rotisserie or by preparing shredding your own chicken breasts and then added to this easy lunch meal. This recipe combines chicken with a favorite fruit - avocado! When you mix these together, you have many options how to serve it - bread, tortillas, buns or scooped up on a chip! Ultimately you’ll be glad you checked out the recipe shared by Barefeet In The Kitchen.


Shrimp Avocado Salad

A cold fresh salad with shrimp and avocado, flavored with tomatoes and feta cheese, covered in a simple homemade dressing sounds perfect. You can grill or pan fry your shrimp but altogether, Savory Tooth helps you put together this recipe in 15 minutes. I say that’s a win!

Barbecue Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Having all your meal tucked into a sweet potato is perfect for lunch this week! Soft mashed potatoes, chicken, onions and condiments reminds me of leftover Thanksgiving bowls made the day after the big meal is served. Lemon and Mocha put together this tasty recipe so head over there to see how to prepare it once or even prep it for lunches a few times this week!

Healthy Sheet Pan Tilapia and Veggies

You hit the jackpot here with a One-Pan meal and your meal ready in just under 20 minutes. Gimme Delicious is sharing this recipe with you and me so you’ll want to get some garlic ready and a variety of vegetables ready to go because lunch is served.

Chicken Panini with Chipotle Mayo

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is a panini maker. It’s awesome! I can accomplish a grilled sandwich on the stove in a pan, but I don’t get those beautiful marks and pressed sandwich quite the same. I also love condiments. Whether you slather it between the bread slices or dip your sandwich into it, this chipotle mayo sounds like the perfect way to enjoy this sandwich. Head on over to the Rustic Foodie for a few tips and the full recipe.

Low Carb Chicken Cobb Salad

I love a good salad and one filled with a delightful color of foods. Chicken, bacon, eggs and all kinds of colorful vegetables are inside this lunch recipe. Using the Life Made Keto simple vinaigrette, you can keep to a healthier version of this classic salad. You’ll enjoy every bite and probably want to keep these ingredients on hand all summer!

Teriyaki Salmon with Baby Bok Choy

Baking up a simple meal doesn’t have to be low on flavor. Using bok choy and mushrooms, you’ll enjoy this sweet teriyaki sauce on the salmon. Follow Feasting At Home for a beautifully laid out lunch baked up quickly that seems like you worked harded in the kitchen than you actually had to!

Reuben in a Bowl

If you’re a fan of the reuben sandwich, this recipe will set your mouth watering! Corn beef is the main ingredient but the bowl will is packed with all kinds of goodness - cabbage, cheese and that Russian dressing your mouth is watering for! Easy Keto Dishes helps deliver this sandwich to bowl recipe so you can skip the carbs

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Finger food that’s delicious and healthy are created in these colorful lettuce wraps. Small in calories but big in taste, As Easy As Apple Pie wants to introduce these little lunch sized portions to you in your kitchen. Eat just a few or eat a few extra for dinner, they’ll be hard to ignore once they’re prepared! They are so yummy looking and less than 30 minutes to get it prepped and put on the table.