Tomato Salad with Avocados and Onions

This beautiful Whole30 salad screams freshness and requires only a handful of ingredients. It is packed with flavor despite its simplicity and its beauty and flavor will WOW guests every time!


The weather in Minnesota has been so nice that I'm slow in snapping into the Fall mindset. Usually by now my apple peeler feels overworked and my Fall Food To Make list has been scripted, but I'm still enjoying tomatoes and salads and anything summery. Even my Fall-induced scary movie gorging isn't yet in full swing. I hear that tomorrow will bring more of a Fall feel and I'm ready for it!


Everything I make in this RV requires simplicity, including this yummy salad. It is simple, but it's also possibly the prettiest thing I've ever consumed. And it is absolutely bursting with fresh tummy-pleasing flavors. A few people have shared home-grown garden tomatoes with me recently and this salad was the perfect way to use them up.


This is a great salad to prepare when entertaining, but it's also perfect for lunch or a dinner side dish.


Coming soon: cookies, bread, potatoes, soup, pumpkin-flavored goodies and more! Have a super week, friends! If you have an over-abundance of tomatoes, here's how to prep them for freeze them for use throughout winter!