Loaded Veggie Salad with Chickpeas and Black Beans

This versatile salad is EASY to make and is packed with healthy ingredients! Great as a salad, wrap filling, party side or even a topping for chicken!

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There is an end in sight to our RV living, at least for this year. Barring something major popping up, we are soon-to-be home owners! A home without wheels, that is. We are all excited about moving, but we will miss having our tiny home as our HQ. There is something so special and unique about small-home living and we have gained a lot from the experience. One thing I have missed, though, is counter space. Chopping veggies with basically no counter space is not an easy task. Which is why I love this salad! There is minimal veggie chopping involved and most of the ingredients come from a handy can.


My favorite thing about salads like this one is the versatility. I'll tell you all of the uses that came just from this one batch: Solo lunch salad, topping for a leafy salad along with grilled chicken, complement to scrambled eggs, wrap filling and a dip for chips. It never gets old and the flavors in it are amazing!

Other versatile salads I love: Rice and Veggie Salad, Tomato Cucumber Chickpea Salad, Rainbow Quinoa Salad, Blackeye Pea Salad and possibly my all-time favorite Edamame Summer Salad.


My tiny counter is filled with fresh tomatoes today. What should I use them for? Tomato Salad? Ok, done. :) Coming soon.


Enjoy this delicious salad and have a great rest of your week!