Campfire Nachos

Only one pan is required for these irresistible Campfire Nachos and they can be made on the stovetop, grill or even over a campfire!

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I've been slacking on recipe posts, but only because I've been over-achieving on travel posts. We are on Day 24 of our big summer adventure and it has certainly been an adventure. We've seen amazingly beautiful places and we have experienced some unexpected pitfalls, as well. Click over to follow our journey!


We have been making tons of easy recipes on the road and this has been one of our recent favorites. It requires very little chopping and all comes together in a single pan. Dan and I sat down and devoured these delicious Campfire Nachos in a single meal. No judging. Being on the road works up an appetite!


These can be so versatile and can be catered to your liking. Swap out the veggies for different ones or use a flavored variety of potato chip. Use sausage or chicken for the meat instead of ground beef or add avocados and sour cream to the top. Be creative!


Thanks for reading and for bearing with me during this season when my recipes are a bit more spread out. Once our great summer journey is over, we'll be back in business!

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