The Best Margaritas

This is the best margarita recipe ever! It is my hubby's delicious creation and he spent years getting it just right. You will never need another margarita recipe again!


You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you about my evening last night. But you should believe me because I wouldn't be able to make this stuff up. After an Elijah meltdown that involved flailing arms, a large jar of salsa flew off the counter and onto the tile floor. Thirty minutes later, salsa chunks and glass shards were cleaned up. Dan got home and I asked him to pretty please make me one of his famous margaritas? Knowing today was Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to snap a few photos before taking a sip. Anticipating that Buddy would attempt to steal my drink, the only safe place to do this was on our patio. Mid-click, the wind caught the edge of my vinyl mat and the margarita went flying onto the pavement. Seriously. After that sticky clean-up, I looked over to see that Buddy had left me a huge puddle of pee right in the middle of my kitchen floor. Dan saw my distress and promptly made me another margarita.


Everyone who tries Dan's margaritas swoon. I'm serious, these are so good. They win by a landslide over any Mexican restaurant margarita. You will never need another margarita recipe again! Except for maybe this Grapefruit Lime Margarita or these 4-Can Margaritas! Heh heh.


Happy Cinco de Mayo today! You can thank my hubby for these delicious margs. I'll end with the action shot that ended in my poor margarita's demise. :)