Grilled Cheese-Stuffed Burgers Recipe

These Cheese Stuffed Burgers are oozing with gooey cheese! There's cheese inside AND out! So delicious!


I have said "How did this HAPPEN?!" to myself approximately 197 times in the past two days. We have very suddenly decided to put our house on the market and OH-MY-GOODNESS we have a lot of useless crap in here. The amount of garbage sitting in our garage is astounding. My head is spinning and we've only just begun. Weeeee!

One night last week, back when my life was a bit simpler, I was craving a super cheesy burger. I had never tried stuffing burgers before and I'm so happy I gave it a whirl. These were delicious! Gooey cheese was everywhere!

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


I found that one pound of ground beef wasn't quite enough to make four burgers, but 1 1/2 pounds worked great. The little splash of Worcestershire gave them a punch of yum.


I could eat one of these for breakfast without batting an eye. I'm pretty sure I've skipped a few meals recently due to house prep.


Enjoy these! I hope your week is wonderful!

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