Mixed Berry Smoothie

Load up on total healthy goodness with this Mixed Berry Smoothie. This is one that the kiddos will drink happily!


My eyes are burning! Thank goodness for the cup of coffee that sits to my right. Buddy has been awake since 5:00 and my cutie boys were eager to start the day shortly after that. Before 8:00 a.m. we: had breakfast, did a load of laundry, had an adventure at a deserted park and got dressed for church. Is it time for bed?!


Did I mention that I also did some smoothie-making this morning? I'm back on the smoothie train because I have to pack my boys' little bodies with good things and this is one of the only ways to do it. My little Sammy loves his berries, so this Mixed Berry Smoothie was more appealing than an ice cream cone. Or at least a very close second. It was so yummy and we all slurped down our cups within 60 seconds.


Add a touch of honey for added sweetness, but honestly it isn't necessary. Berries pack some seriously juicy sweet deliciousness.


Round two of coffee, here I come! Enjoy this Mixed Berry Smoothie and enjoy the last morsels of your weekend!

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