Cherry Limeade

My boys slurp this Cherry Limeade down in seconds. It is a super refreshing non-alcoholic beverage for a hot summer day!


Thankfully this pitcher of Cherry Limeade is chilled and sitting in my fridge. I am parched after a long day of chaperoning a field trip at the Minneapolis Institute of Art with a gaggle of third graders. We explored just about every corner of the museum except for the "forbidden room." One of the funniest moments of the day was when I unknowingly led my group toward said room while a line of students yelled at us from the doorway, "You can't go in there! IT'S THE NAKED ROOM!!!!" Oh dear.


Back to the Cherry Limeade. I made it for my boys last night and they were some happy kids. I normally don't let them indulge in such sugary beverages, but with the warm weather I figure we can break the rules a bit. It is indulgent, refreshing, a little bit fizzy and fruity.


I have a puppy that is trying to chew on a toilet (yep, you read that right) and two boys who are melting down, so I'm off to save the day. Enjoy the drink AND your weekend!

Other kid-pleasing drinks: Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Julius Copycat and Shamrock Shakes!