Salty Dogs

Vodka and grapefruit juice make a great team! This alcoholic drink is irresistible and a great sipper for sitting on the deck.


Although I wouldn't exactly call our new puppy "salty," this seemed like a good post in which to introduce him. Buddy is energetic, he loves to chew on EVERYTHING and he is such a little lover. My boys adore him. Elijah likes to stick his face near Buddy's and get tons of slobbery kisses. Sammy is working on training him. And I am learning that having a dog in the house is much like having a new crawler. I have to watch him every second of the day or he will get into things that I didn't even know we owned.

A lot of tasks have fallen to the wayside since Buddy joined our family, such as checking camera settings before taking pictures of succulent beverages. Thank you, Lightroom, for helping to cover up my mistakes because I certainly don't have time for another photo session.


Isn't he the most adorable pup you've ever seen?


Salty Dogs. Have you ever had one? They are so super simple and yummy that it's hard not to guzzle them like an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Yum yum yum. Pour one for yourself this spring and enjoy it on the patio!

Buddy is SLEEPING, so my time is ticking! Have a good one!

Other good deck-sippers: Mai Tai (copycat from Mirage Vegas and soooo good!), Gin and Tonic and Redhead in Bed!